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Title:Frozen 2 Theory: This Is Where Elsa's Powers Came From
Published:21 March 2019
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Elsa's Powers Keep Growing In Frozen, Before Frozen 2 Let's Explore Their Origins
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It’s hard to imagine a Disney before Frozen. Over the past few years,
adults and kids have gone wild for the movie, and with the much-
anticipated sequel fast approaching, fresh fan theories are coming up
everywhere. Namely, where on Earth did Elsa’s powers come from? Join
us as we take a look at how everyone’s favorite Ice Queen got her
We’ll start by taking a look at Elsa’s family tree, to see if it could
be a family thing, before exploring the possibility of a curse, a
magical gift gone wrong and much more. There’s even a prophecy or two,
and a birthday theory thrown in for good measure. Think you’ve got it
figured out? Let’s see if we can convince you otherwise.
Come in from the cold and settle down with a hot cocoa as we dive into
what makes Elsa tick.